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Mindful explorations and metaphoric journeys are woven soundscapes, designed to help you manage some of life's challenges 

Pink and Blue Texture_edited.jpg
Pink and Blue Texture_edited.jpg
Short video of Dr. Corrick's avatar recording a self-help script.

 Crafted, recorded, and produced by
Dr. Corrick.

Dr. Corrick's experience and expertise informed and developed these recordings for maximum benefit, in the shortest time possible.
Life is, after all, very busy! 

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Animated video of office worker typing listening to headphones.

Our tools aim to assist you in a range of contexts. 

Helping you, to help yourself.


Mindfulness, breath-work, progressive relaxation, tension reduction, and meditative musical compositions. Our recordings can help you find moments for pause and reflection

Effective and accessible, our recordings can be used again and again, to help develop new skills and strategies.

Two people stood in a desert facing the wind.
A person holding a bunch of flowers.

 Designed to deepen your engagement with a meaningful and positive change process. 

We're on a mission to provide you with high-quality self-help tools.

Helping you to navigate the pressures of modern life.

Let's do it together, one recording at a time! 

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