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Reduce the frequency and duration of skin picking, especially when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

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Help for Skin Picking is a 40-minute recording and powerful self-help tool.

It can help you with mindfulness and present moment awareness, to achieve a deeper level of relaxation, assist with emotional regulation, and provides a behavioral alternative for your hands, which can be helpful in the management of body-focused repetitive behaviors (BRFBs) like skin picking. 


This recording uses breath, diaphragmatic breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation.

We’ll also gently explore and reinforce an alternate approach, assisting your unconscious mind to consider the use of your hands as allies, hands that may wish to help you pivot during a picking episode, or even help you to avoid an episode, if you are feeling overwhelmed. 

The more often you listen to the recording and practice the exercises, the more likely you are to experience the change you want to achieve. 

Start your journey towards behavioural change and relief from BFRBs with Help for skin picking. 

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