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10 minutes to help you to achieve a deeper level of focus and increase productivity.

Dark clouds and rainstorm over a prairie landscape.

Hear the distinct sounds of a summer thunderstorm in Alberta, Canada. Strong wind, drumming rain, and distant rumbles of thunder. Attending to the sounds of the storm can be very effective in facilitating present moment awareness - helping you cope with procrastination and other challenges. 


Listening to Prairie Rain can help you to increase your focus and engage your concentration: get that homework, term paper, test anxiety, or to-do list under control!

Prairie Rain also functions as “white noise”, or masking noise, which can be used to minimize environmental distractions. People with tinnitus and attention difficulties are likely to benefit from using the recording in this way. 

Whether you're studying for an exam, working on a project, or simply need to drown out distracting background noise, Prairie Rain is a powerful tool for improving focus and increasing productivity.

Try it today and experience the benefits of connecting to nature, while you work.

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